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11 éve
First of all, there's a forum rules topic written in Hungarian, with additional rules for each of the forum sections, penalty system, etc., but we don't want to translate the whole, and apply here. So, here comes a simplified version:
- In this section, you can write in any language you want, but English is the preferred, as most of us speak it.
- You can open a topic for your language, if you know there are other players speaking it.
- Don't use Google Translate to write to the other sections in Hungarian. It's far from even usable, believe me.
- Behave as you would on any other forums. The Netiquette applies here. We won't give penalty here, but we will delete messages, if necessary.

The forum sections:
- News (Hírek): Announcements about features, game updates go there. Currently only in Hungrian, sorry.
- General (Általános): General discusson in Hungarian.
- Bugs (Bugok): If you find a bug somewhere, you can open a topic for that, even in English, we will understand. Don't forget explain the problem, attach a screenshot, and copy the last few lines of log.txt (it's located in the game folder next to the Stickman.exe)
- Models (Modellek) and Graphics (Grafika): You can view other's creations, or post yours, if you want.