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11 éve
If you want, you can help us translate the page (and the game). Currently, in the game only Hungarian and English languages are supported, and here on the webpage Hungarian, English and Italian.
You can help us by:
- simply using the page/game in your selected language, and send me a message if you find any mistake.
- translating the new expressions. There is always a new feature, which needs to be translated. If you find on the page something like "lang(123)", you can be sure it's not yet translated. Or sometimes, you may see Hungarian expressions somewhere. Again, send me a message for the details.
- translating to your native language, if you speak one which we haven't started translating yet. Keep in mind that it needs a lot of work (we have now ~800 expressions), and even more work in the future. And of course, commitment, so if you start it, we expect you to translate the new things in the future.

8 éve
We are looking for community members to help us translate the website into Spanish and German.
If you wish to help please send us a message or write below.
The name of the translators are present at http://stickman.hu/rolunk