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Hi I posted some ideas years ago, I would like to post again.
I would like to suggest the following;
1.)"Gun" changed to red, currently they have the slightest of advantages when hiding in the dark. This also means they contrast the blue "Tech".

2.)Bunkers (spawn positions) are captured, by GUN/TECH it would be nice to add flag polls on the bunkers so that it is easy to tell who owns what. Currently the game feels a little too all over the place, I think it would be great to have objectives. Each time a victory is scored GUN/TECH swap sides and fight again, immunity from re-spawing occurs at temples and the like, a respawn is not counted as a death

3.) Currently Stickman warfare has 4 weapons per race and 8 weapons total, I would suggest that a class system is added, I would suggest a modal similar to "team fortress 2" and "Tribes Ascend". I think all races may have access to their own versions of all 8 (+) weapon types, QUAD - M60, M4 - LazSpitt'a, NOOB - Javelin Missile

4.) I would like to see the Flamethrower make come back to Stickman warfare, I would like to see a Tech alternative with BlueFire/Electricty/SparklyShotgun, the shields won't be necessary i feel as urbanised areas provide enough cover

5.) I would suggest that all weapons are made fictional, so that fans of guns stop complaining about lack of realism

6.) I would like to see, alongside the weapon choices, special perks addable to your stickmen (or specific weapons) like: Bush Disguise, Athlete, Shield, Stealth in Shadows, Power Boost after visiting temple, Jetpack and etc..

7.) Melee weapons specifically the Lightsaber and a "Gun" alternative the Samaria Sword. They would have a 180 degrees arch that means in close quarters combat they would rule

8.) I am going to ask for a few things that i really doubt will be added; "Temple Guards" (White, with lightsabers, and capes, and greek helms) NPC at temple, "Suicide Bomb" weapon, "Stick Dog" player, "Grenade" weapon, "Finite Ammo" & Supplies, Day/night Cycles

9.) Perks for kill streaks. Faster Fire, accuracy bonus, shield, a turret, special hats and the like

Thats all(<--might be lying) i can think of at this moment, i do not in anyway shape or form think that these ideas will make it into the vanilla game but in case you find a gem in all the crap i have talked it will have been worth it.
I would love to see this game reach greater heights, and I think you should defiantly consider pushing this game to point where it can compete for the time and money of the casual FPS market.
Sorry if this is time wasted, John

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Well, Start with the 2nd..
The programmer (Admin) doesn't want the game to change from a "chilling fps" to a "need-to-think" capture based game. This idea were rejected years ago.

3, The problem with this is that, the 8 weapons are fairly different and Admin only wants to create new weapons if they are different enough to name a new weapon.

4, The flamethrower will not be in game again - Admin said..(it has no usable pair on the tech side, mainly)

5, skip
6, As I told you in the 3. point, Admin wants this game as a game for little children without thinking. Just a simply "go and shot" game..

7,+9 With the 3 and 6, Admin doesn't want melee fights.. (But the melee part would be awesome..)

8, NPCs.. It's a p2p FPS, so they would cause high ping.. And Admin doesn't want to finite ammo and the day and night cycles need a lot of programming and Admin has no free time..
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Let's see again, I've got the source code too, so maybe I can make these changes...

1. Hard question, maybe a dark red, or dark orange.

2. Objectives are cool. I wanted to make a script system to the game, so this idea mainly depends on hard work, and creativity, to make interesting tasks.

3. Not bad idea, but I think this stuff not just about the weapons, than we should add special abilities or something. And it's hard work again, much programming and much modelling.

4. Flamethrower. It was removed from the game becouse the over-powerness (I didn't know this word is exists, but now yes!). If we decrese it's power, that'll be ok. But thats more likely depends on Admin.

6. I don't know. Admin often says that it's likely that everyone has equal chanses all the time.

7. What I think about the over-powerness of the swords, it would be balanced, if we add a block action to all the weapons. Then the melee weapon + enemy != surely death.

8. Temple guards. Cool. Can be programmed, the hard thing is AI, and Rőzike it wouldn't make high ping. There will be infinite ammo forever (basic thing of the game), day night cycles are hard to progamme, and requires a thougter machine.

9. Personally not. I don't like multiplayer cod6,7,8,9,10,11,12.... too

Making money from the game, aahh not so easy especially in hungary and from the 10 year old childs.

Thats it.
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#4, #6 and #7 Would be a huge pain int the arse to balance
#8 Needs too much work to be worth it (FYI I didn't really have much time for this project since I came to college and got job)
#9 Is especially against my principles, I hate games where pro players get all the cool stuff, so the already imbalanced fight just gets more imbalanced

The other ones need some further thinking on my side.

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Hi, thanks for responding, thought it would be rude of me not to reply to you all. As such I would like to go over my suggestions .

1. Red “Gun”, I still think would be good

2. I can see what your saying Rőzike, Stickman Warfare is more of laid back title, I was more thinking along the lines of how random death can be when you spawn in shared position and then move out only to get shot in the back. Perhaps what I'm more suggesting is a way to avoid this.

3. I admit this would require a lot of 3d design and a fair bit of code. But what I was talking about here was more about eliminating balance issues more than anything else. People are forced to chose a race for the weapons currently, this is good but means that teams become uneven due to weapon preferences. If aesthetics is the only factor then teams are more likely to be even and could even be balanced by the server. It also provides visual variety.

4. I'm not going to argue for it I just remember being in love with the flame-thrower class, it was a cool class but i can see that may of only have been the because it was over powered.

5. Not going to argue its case as it's not game-play related, just thought that it might cut off the need to modal specific weapons for the “Gun” and stop you ending up with characteristics not associated with the weapon.

6. This seems a mess, I retract this

7. Would love Melee, but if this is to stay strictly FPS I'm not going to complain, it was more a “this would look cool” sort of thing.

8.Temple Guards would have been merely aesthetic stick-figures standing around looking important. Ammo + etc I retract, as it obvious simplicity is at the heart of this game. Night-time remains a suggestion from me, but isn't something I’d argue for and if as Hector stated is hard to program and requires a tougher machine its not something to be concerned about what so ever, like-wise with the Guards.

9. I understand, 9 was thrown out there and I retract it. Looking back I can understand how unfair that would really be.

Sorry Admin :( , I understand that you likely have a lot on your plate my apologies if my suggestions came across like childish demands. I've played around with things like programming and can barely do a thing comparatively, I can see that doing this requires a lot of work, and regardless Stickman Warfare is a good game and I'm very grateful that you made it.

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Would we be able to make it so that your messages and the descriptions are in English. Google Chrome doesn't translate them.
Cheers, Killstreak589

Maybe we could have a visible forcefield for the 3 seconds when u respawn. it may require a bit of code, but i think it'll be worth it.
Also, I think that the flame thrower seems like a brill idea. for the tech, I don't think they should have an electricity shooter as the equivilet because the MPG already does that. maybe we could have a vortex blaster (it could shoot rings of blue smoke) instead.
Sorry if these are either too childish or just not possible.
Howerver, i still think that a vortex blaster would be pretty cool.
cheers, killstreak589

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Would there be a way that net nanny doesn't stop you from playing by freezing the screen after 2 minutes? It says:
'you are blocked from using peer to peer'
sorry if this is already possible and I just haven't found out yet.